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Attorney Kim Eun-hee with more than 20 years of experience

The importance of Real Estate Law is evidenced in the fact that only lawyers in Ontario are permitted by law to complete a sale and purchase of real estate.-- Purchase and sale of residential homes, condominiums, commercial and industrial properties involve serious decision making and large investments from our clients. Our office provides the accuracy and expertise required by these transactions with prompt and personal attention to each file.

Our office provides consultation and assistance to clients in starting a business or in resolution of issues with their existing businesses, purchase and sale, acquisitions and mergers as well as leases. Based on our insight into all aspects of business operations that have been acquired with hands-on legal experience, our clients get the benefit of practical and sensible advice that is focused on results.


- Preparing Offer to Purchase 
- Starting a business or Purchase or sale of business 
- Incorporations 
- Shareholder’s Agreements 
- Commercial Lease Negotiating, drafting of commercial, retail leases 
- Determination of Type of Business Entities

1. Sole Proprietorship

PROS - Easy to Establish
  - Low start-up costs
  - Less paperwork
CONS - Unlimited personal liability
  - Exposure to high income tax bracket

2. Partnership

PROS - Relatively easy to establish
  - Low start-up costs
  - Business income sharing
CONS - Unlimited personal liability
  - Joint and several
  - Exposure to decisions of other partners
  - Dispute among partners Limited Partnership
  - Role of the general partner
  - Limited liability of limited partners
  - Tax benefits

3. Corporation

PROS - separate legal entity
  - Limited liability
  - Lower corporate tax rates
  - Business name protection
  - Greater access to capital
  - Continuous existence
CONS - Higher star
  - T-up costs
  - Increased paper burden

Our office provides the expertise in all aspects of corporate law from simple incorporation to corporate financing, preparation of Annual General Meeting of the Shareholders and shareholders dispute resolution. We specialize in corporate reorganization, share purchase and sale and shareholders agreements.

Company law statutes in Canada are similar, whether federal, 

A well planned will and power of attorney can provide protection to beneficiaries and at the same time minimize taxes payable on death.  Our office ensures that our clients’ wishes are properly reflected in the will and cooperate with financial planners to document the estate planning objectives of our clients. 

We recommend and offer to our clients, powers of attorney for property and personal care, to plan for unforeseen accidents and to minimize disruptions to their lives and businesses.


In any commercial and business transaction, a well drafted agreement reflecting the goals and intentions governs the relationship between the parties.  We aim to protect our clients’ interests on a case by case basis, in various commercial transactions from small businesses to large corporations, by preparing for contingencies and paying attention to detail, all with the dedication of achieving successful business relationships intended by these agreements.  The following list represents types of agreements our office has drafted for our clients for use in numerous circumstances not only locally, but also internationally. 


Canada, and in particular, the Province of Ontario, have legislations that apply to employment.  Moreover, there are legal precedents from the Courts of Ontario that would apply to employment that both employer and employee should be aware of.  At our office, we provide consultations to our clients as to their rights and obligations relating to these legislations and common law, to avoid potential dispute and litigation. We also provide litigation support for clients who must resort to litigation to enforce their legal claim.