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mina     2019-04-04

현장투어하면서 특별브리핑 ~~ 너무 좋았어요

tedjin     2019-04-04

지금까진 이런 강좌가 없었다

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About Platinum Equities Platinum Equities Inc. (Platinum) is a company with exceptional customer service and most importantly a company with a strong standing rapport with our industry’s associates. Platinum is managed by a group of real estate professionals with over 60 years of total combined experience in the commercial real estate market in Canada and off-shore. By striving to meet the highest standards, we have built a successful track record at earning solid returns for our investors. Platinum was incorporated in May 2003. What We Do? Platinum Equities offers investors the opportunity to invest in real estate opportunities with potential for very lucrative returns. Generally investors become part of a Limited Partnership and have direct proportional ownership of a particular property whether it be an existing commercial office building, a development opportunity or land. One of the primary benefits to the Limited Partnership structure is that investors have limited
Change your Perspective in Real Estate Investing !

Change your Perspective in Real Estate Investing !

"Whether you are an investor seeking for balanced growth in your portfolio or,
simply looking for fixed income over defined terms,
the Baytree team is here to recommend the right solutions for you!"